Biohacked Fitness

A data driven fitness platform.

Biohacked Fitness is a fitness platform that assigns customized fitness routines based on the results of a questionnaire, provides a GUI for logging workouts with API sourced exercise videos and informaton, and progresses the routines using a backend implementation of the Brzycki 1RM formula.



A crowdfunding site for communities.
Inspired by Kickstarter.

Commonwealth is a crowdfunding site that allows users to create or donate to projects in their city. The USPS address verification API is utilized to ensure the validity of site data.


Aequitas USA

A site dedicated to connecting citizens with their government leadership.

Aequtas is a site where verified citizens are able to identify problems and solutions in their region at either the county, state, or federal level. Upon verification, the Google Civic Database API is used to determine all offices in the users regions, create the regions and offices if they do not exist, and the user is then allowed to identify problems in their regions and offices.


DIY Product Hunt

A platform where DIY creators can share their creations.
Inspired by Product Hunt

DIY Product Hunt is a website for creators to share their DIY creations. It was built using the PUG template engine, and utilizes api endpoints for single page responsiveness.


Benjamin W. Stetzer

Fullstack Software Developer with a background in eCommerce and fitness.

I started off my professional career working sales for a small eCommerce comapny, Moore Pet Supplies. I quickly proved my worth and was given the opportunity to learn and implement HTML5 and CSS3 in creating and maintaining product listings. Later I was tasked with migrating the company's vast product database to Amazon and eBay, and gained knowledge of the relational database management system the backend of the website utilized. I was then able to use this knowledge, the 10+ years of order history, and the company's newsletter program to create a new source of reliable income.

At age 20, I fell in love with fitness and the science behind it. I became certified a personal trainer at age 22, and immediately noticed the lack of adequate fitness software on the market. After 2 years of training, I decided I wanted to enter the software engineering field in hopes of developing a holistic health platform in the future. I appli. Over 6 months I put over 1000 hours into sharpening my skills as a web developer, building and launching four fullstack applications, and ammassing the tools needed to become a well rounded software developer.